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Tiny's 2015-2016

Tiny Divas

Our Tiny Diva’s are a Tiny Prep 1 team consisting of tiny athletes of 4 and 5 years old.  The goal of this team is to give the little ones a chance to get out in front of a crowd and perform their routine.  The skills focused at this level are very basic but incorporate the full gamut of competitive cheerleading.  Not only are they adorable, but they are tiny too.  It is 1st Class All Star’s goal to groom future cheerleaders and in the process give them a fun and nurturing environment.  The Tiny Diva’s have 2 one hour practices per week.

Mini Marvels

Our Mini  Marvels Level 1 Prep team is composed of athletes that are 6 to 8 years old and have taken a clear interest in cheerleading.  This is a perfect level for young athletes to start competitive cheerleading.  The Mini Marvels receive all of the benefits of competitive cheer while learning the all of the essential tumbling skills. It is 1st Class All Star’s goal to not only prepare our young athletes to compete but to also teach them in a safe and fun environment.   The Mini Marvels have practices per week which are 2 hours each.

Mini Marvel 2014 -2015
Youth Showstoppers 2014 - 2015 Image

Youth ShowStoppers

Our Youth Showstoppers are comprised of children 11 years old and younger and is a Level 2 Prep team.  This team requires more dedication and practice and focus is on learning the intermediate skills.  This team will learn and master standing back handsprings, connected jump combinations, and extended stunts.  The Youth Showstoppers will practice a total of 5 hrs per week split between two practices.  Limited competition travel is required.

Junior Legendz

Our Junior Legendz  is Level 3 team which is for young cheerleaders 14 years old and younger.  This team is for more experienced cheerleaders that have mastered more advanced tumbling and stunting skills.  Skills at this level include round off-back handspring-back tuck, punch front, connected jumps to back handspring, and extended one legged stunts.  This team practices 6 – 6 1/2 hrs a week hours per week split over two practices.  Limited travel to competitions is required.

Junior Legendz 2014 - 2015
Senior Rhapshody 2014 -2015

Senior Rhapshody

Our Senior Rhapshody Level 1 prep team is centered around a group of young ladies of 18 yrs and younger who are mostly first year cheerleaders.  This team will rely on learning some of the core tumbling skills and basic stunt routines that are required in the Allstar Cheer circuit. It is required that these young ladies practice for a  total of 5 1/2 hrs per week split between two practices.  Limited competition travel is required.